Magnetic Levitating Floating Moon Night Lamp With Wooden

Magnetic Levitating Floating Moon Night Lamp With Wooden Base For Home Decoration


Style: Modern

Brand: Frixen\Scolour Multicolor

Dimensions:13.4 X 13.4 X 2.9 Cms

Special Function: Colour Changing 

Material: Wood Lamp 

Type: Desk Lamp 

Finish Type: Matte 

Room Type: Living Room

Regarding This Item

- Excellent Eco-materials Utilize Pla-compatible Materials. Use 3d Printing To Simulate The Surface Of The Moon To Produce A Texture That Is Comparable To That Of The Real Moon. Long-lasting, Safe For The Eyes, And Soft Led Lighting. Incredibly Reduced Power Usage Compared To Touch-controlled Typical Lamp Lights

- (3) Colors Brightness Control: 3 Different Colours Are Provided By A Floating Moon Bulb. Lunar Light

- Utilizing Magnetic Levitation, This Floating Moon Lamp Is Suspended And Rotates Without Human Intervention. Freely, Without Assistance Or Connection. No Wires Or Internal Batteries Are Required Since Electromagnetic Induction Powers Everything. The Improved Base Includes A Heat Sink.

- Looking for a really one-of-a-kind gift to make someone's day? Full Moon Rising. Look no further than the 3D-printed levitating moon lamp from Levitating Lunar. This magnificent floating moon lamp is a fantastic design item and offers lovely lighting.

- Ideal gift: Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, birthdays, holidays, weddings, anniversaries, and corporate occasions are all ideal occasions to give the unique magnetic levitating 3D moon lamp to loved ones, friends, parents, and children. Imagine how surprised they will be when they receive and open the box.


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